Design & Installation

We create unique, thoughtful designs built around our client’s vision, embracing the role of  their desired garden. Each design is individualized–promoting biodiversity and prioritizing native plants.

Gardens grow and change. Our desires affect the way a space functions.

If an area is in need of complete revamping, revitalizing, or reinterpretation–we want to dedicate time to listen to your thoughts and bring those ideas to life. Together we create a clear vision of what can be achieved–how and when. 

Our process starts with an on-site visit where we brainstorm ideas for the project. Once conceived, we produce a detailed brief of the design–a dedicated document featuring a sketch of the space and a selected plant list, along with a work summary featuring transparent cost estimates. After preliminary designs are clarified, we can schedule work!

Use every inch of your land by planting a garden in the underutilized space between your sidewalk and the street.