Patios & Raised Beds

We create unique, innovative designs for restaurant patios, rooftops, as well as private spaces. We advocate designing container gardens with perennials to create more sustainable displays—ones that you do not need to replace every season, but can rely on year after year.

Whether you are looking to add greenery to your café, patio or entrance, we are proficient at creating functional and attractive displays specialized for your site and desires.

Urban gardeners are at a higher risk of ingesting heavy metals, including lead due to growing in existing, untested soil. Many different vegetables absorb heavy metals from the contaminated soils they grow in and can cause a real threat. By gardening in a raised bed rather than directly into existing soil, you no longer need to fight Chicago’s clay, depleted soil and can proceed with confidence that you are not consuming contaminants. Raised beds are also an investment in the health of your back; as less bending is required for planting and weeding.